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The 433rd Airlift Wing hosted here two representatives of the Jagello 2000 Association, a Czech Republic organization focused on public diplomacy in the area of ​​security policy and membership in the United Nations Treaty Organization. North Atlantic, January 25, 2022.

Jagello 2000 carries out projects to raise public awareness of transatlantic relations and policies; including the coordination of the annual NATO Days in Ostrava and the Czech Air Force Days at Leoš Janáček Airport in Ostrava, Czech Republic.

For NATO Days 2022, Jagello 2000 Association CEO and Co-Founder Zbyněk Pavlačík and Senior Project Manager Petr Zlatohlávek visited 433rd AW to learn more about the unit’s mission and Foster international relations with Wing members.

“We wanted to express our appreciation and thanks for the Wing’s commitment to our events,” said Pavlačík. “We had the privilege of presenting the wing’s mighty C-5 twice; once in 2019, then last year in 2021. So we are here to discuss cooperation possibilities for the coming years.

The NATO Days in Ostrava and the Czech Air Force Days claim to be the largest security fair in Europe. For last year’s event, a C-5M Super Galaxy aircraft flew on September 13, 2021 and was opened to the public by aircrew and Maintenance Reserve Airmen from September 18-19, 2021.

Maj. Peter Anderson, 433rd Operations Support Squadron, current operations chief, helped coordinate the 433rd AW’s participation in the event, as well as the safe transport of two Marine Corps helicopters and a Air Force MQ-9 Reaper.

“It is important to showcase the capabilities of our wing by providing reliable C-5M Super Galaxy mission support, as well as capable and experienced air and maintenance crews,” Anderson said.

Anderson and other Wing members also traveled to the local community three times to engage with the students, learn about their culture, and offer their knowledge and experience as U.S. Air Force military members. Strength.

According to Anderson, the leadership of the 433rd AW and representatives of the Jagello 2000 association hope that the wing will participate in the NATO Days in Ostrava and the Czech Air Force Days this year.

“Strengthening our relationships with NATO partners and demonstrating commitment in the years to come symbolizes what the Alamo wing is all about,” Anderson said.