AM News Show: Customer data is key to making “the right offer at the right time”

Motorists should expect positive feedback from sharing their personal data with retailers and manufacturers, said Charlotte Morgan, senior product marketing manager at Keyloop.

In this compelling episode of the AM News Show podcast, Morgan explained how accurate and in-depth personal data can mean organizations know their target audience better than they know themselves.

But as retailers and OEMs try to take their digital customer relationships to the next level, it remains uncertain that an online retail model is the way forward for many.

“I don’t think we’ll ever have a full online journey for all customers,” Morgan told AM.

“I can see it for a subscription model, I can see it if you buy a fleet vehicle, I can see it if you replace your existing vehicle with the same model… But I don’t do that.”

Morgan speaks candidly about his “love” of data and how the auto retail industry can leverage its own processes and systems to make the most of it in an AM News Show episode that follows recent interviews with Mazda UK Sales Manager Peter Allibon and an interview with JCT600’s Nicola Tordoff-Sohn, Aston Martin Leeds apprentice Sophie Bailey and Mercedes-Benz Sheffield apprentice Ben Collinson.

As it addresses applications in other industries, Morgan said automotive needs to ensure its customer data is understood and leveraged in the right way.

The main goal is to get to know your customer better, she said, revealing, “If you offered me a discount on a service, I would probably take it. If you started contacting me for a car upgrade I love my car you don’t have the right person while Joe Bloggs next door might be very happy with his PCP but if you offer him an upgrade, it could well, take your hand off.

“It’s about knowing those consumers well enough to be able to give them the right offer at the right time.”

She added that retailers should be aware of “how many dates can we collect in advance and what (customers) get in return for that”.

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