AM News Show: Kat Lord of Sandicliffe and April Wyatt of Waylands Automotive

Auto retailers need to get “more creative” in their communications with customers as limited vehicle supplies call for a more flexible sales strategy, the latest AM News Show podcast said.

Sandicliffe Data Projects Manager Kat Lord and Waylands Automotive Marketing Manager April Wyatt joined FA Editor Tim Rose and News and Features Editor Tom Sharpe to discuss how marketing and customer communications had evolved to adapt to today’s market headwinds.

Lord described the current shortage of new car stock as “unprecedented” for the industry, saying it was more necessary than ever for car retailers to look at their customer data and ensure they were maximizing opportunities after -sale.

“There are a lot of opportunities for us to do things differently than what we’ve done before,” she said.

Lord added: “From an operations perspective, we have to make sure that when people come in, we deal with them in the right way, to make sure that we get the best out of everything and that we treat customers from different manners.”

Wyatt said the emphasis should be on immediacy of response because “our biggest showrooms are our online showrooms.”

She also said Waylands’ recent marketing and communication with customers has focused on educating potential buyers about electric vehicles (EVs) as its franchise partners – Kia, MG and Volvo – all head decisively towards zero-emission vehicles.

She said: “Where before the strategy was about generating leads and selling cars, now it’s more about education.

“It changes the way you do pretty much everything, I think.”

To watch highlights from the episode, which can be viewed on Youtube or accessed via Spotify or Apple Podcasts, click the link below.

The AM New Show’s conversation with Lord and Wyatt follows the podcast’s recent interview with Auto Trader Brand Manager Marc Palmer and Cap HPI Head of Forecasting Strategy Dylan Setterfield.

Palmer and Setterfield discussed the direction of the used car market, the deployment of electric vehicles and the affordability of zero-emission used vehicles, with Palmer expressing the view that wealth is key to a growing adoption.

He said: “At the moment there are enough wealthy people who care enough about electric vehicles to keep it rolling.”

The full interview with Sandicliffe’s Kat Lord and Waylands’ April Wyatt can be viewed by clicking here.