AM News Show: Tech-focused supercar sales with HR Owen’s Brett Ward

Expectations of seamless digital travel are set to be exceeded thanks to new technology at HR Owen’s new multi-brand supercar showroom in Hatfield, technical director Brett Ward told the AM News Show.

In addition to capturing customer data that will enable tailored service to customers at sprawling Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bentley and Maserati dealerships, Ward revealed that the added potential of photo galleries and NFT typing could soon provide customers with assets added value related to their self.

“There’s a lot of really cool stuff that we try to watch,” Ward told the AM News Show.

“(Ken Choo, Managing Director of HR Owen) really agrees with that and it gives customers the experience they can’t get anywhere else.

“I think Hatfield is the only place in the UK where you can get Lamborghini and Ferrari in one place, you literally can’t, so it should be a good place to go.”

Ward joined Carwow Managing Director James Hind, AM Editor Tim Rose and News and Features Editor Tom Sharpe to discuss the innovations that are defining the experience-driven luxury retail process AM100 car retail group customer.

Both he and Hind agreed that the key trait of a luxury digital retail journey is seamless functionality, a feature that extends to a wider market and has driven the success of brands like Amazon.

And while HR Owen’s futuristic approach to car retailing appears to have progressed, Ward insists the automotive sector is still catching up. He said: “We’re quite far behind the broader retail sector and the tech sector and catching up to a point.”

Describing the pivotal role of his team’s work with customer data, Ward said: “We use technology to piece together and link the data to give what we call insight rather than what others have, which I suppose, is a report.”

He added: “Technology isn’t just about selling cars, it’s about making the experience better and better and better.”

Carwow’s James Hind gave in-depth insight into the direction of the carwow business in an AM News Show interview posted via AM Online.

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