Australia’s worst-rated breakfast news show has zero viewers

Australia’s worst-rated news program 10 news first: breakfast officially registered zero viewers during an episode last week.

10 news first: breakfast broke a dismal new record by registering zero viewers in Perth, beating its previous record for the worst ratings program ever in Australia, which saw the show receive 43 viewers from Perth and 44 from Sydney, according to OzTam.

Channel 10 reported Sarah Harris and Lachlan Kennedy – the latter who is a co-host on 10 news first: breakfast – poked fun at the show’s unsuccessful ratings during the presentation at the media industry event, the Kennedy Awards, on Friday night.

“Wow, so that’s how it is to have an audience!” Harris exclaimed to the 500 reporters, producers and industry people in attendance.

Kennedy intervened; “I am the guest of 10 news first: breakfast – Thanks for watching, everyone “.

Despite the shockingly low figures, a Channel 10 spokesperson said The Australian in July that they are satisfied 10 news first: breakfast results.

‘Network 10 is pleased with the launch of 10 News First: Breakfast. It lifted the 2022 timeslot average by 13% in its first week,” they said.

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This year, Channel 10’s breakfast news shows have been cursed with devastating blows. In May, famed Studio 10 host Erin Jayne Plummer passed away. His death was first made public in a Studio 10 segment in late May by show hosts Sarah Harris and Angela Bishop.

“We have some really sad news to share this morning,” said Sarah Harris, host of Studio 10. “Over the weekend, Studio 10 lost some of its shine with the sudden passing of our friend and host of Erin Jayne infomercial.

“Now, for two decades, Erin Jayne has been a friendly, familiar face on Australian TV and for a big part of that she lights up our mornings with her bubbly personality and megawatt smile.”

“Her career started when she left a Sydney beach to perform in an international tourist campaign. Then came Ozstyle aerobics watched by forty million people around the world,” added Angela Bishop.

Plummer was best known for regularly hosting infomercials on Studio 10 and the TVSN business channel.

A few days after Plummer’s death, a Facebook page was created in his memory which included the phone number for crisis support and suicide prevention organization Lifeline.

However, social media activity shows Plummer’s friends do not believe she committed suicide.

“Erin was truly the most beautiful soul I have ever met,” a friend said.

“No words can describe how special she was and the love she had for her three daughters.

“She absolutely adored her daughters. There is not a single person who thinks they would have left their beautiful daughters like this.

Another friend said she didn’t believe Plummer was suicidal either.

“Erin has definitely had her battles over the years,” they wrote.

“And we all wish we could have done more to help carry the weight of his pain. But she was happy and well the last time we saw her. Even her latest Instagram post showed she was thrilled to be back at work.

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