Bad news! Google Pixel Fold might not launch this year

Bad news for those waiting for Google’s foldable smartphones! a new report recently revealed that the debut of the Google Pixel Fold phone has been delayed.

“Ross Young of Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC) has revealed that the release of the Pixel Fold may be delayed until next year. According to Ross, the foldable phone will not debut until spring 2023. The same has confirmed by analyst Jon Prosser,” the BGR India report said.

Unfortunately, the exact timeline for the launch of the foldable phone is not revealed. However, Ross reveals that the reason for the delay is not posting or supply chain issues. Google is reportedly waiting for the next-gen Tensor chipset or some software enhancements before launching the Pixel Fold in the market.

It looks like Google is planning to deliver a better experience with its first foldable phone. Its Pixel number series phones have quite a few software issues and bugs. The Pixel Fold is expected to bring a smoother experience and not be buggy when released like the Google Pixel 6.

When it launches next year, Google will face competition from Samsung with its Galaxy Fold 3, which is due out in August this year. Apple is also expected to develop its own foldable phone, but its release isn’t expected until 2025. Besides a foldable phone, Apple is reportedly working on an all-screen foldable MacBook.