Bad news, Google’s Pixel Watch is said to be powered by a 4-year-old Exynos processor

Oh, Google. For years you’ve teased the launch of a Pixel Watch running Wear OS and we’ve waited patiently, even when the rumors have been quashed. Having ultimately unveiled the Pixel Watch during Google I/O, we thought there was nothing to worry about anymore and Wear OS would finally have its hero smartwatch that would be powered by a modern Tensor processor. Alas, it’s reported that Google’s Pixel Watch will be powered by a four years The Exynos chipset, which if true will surely sabotage its legacy before it even begins.

Using an old chip isn’t bad just because it’s “old.” Rather, it’s because the chip will be slower, less efficient, and likely unable to meet the demands imposed by Wear OS 3.1. This will be especially true if the Pixel Watch is powered by the Exynos 9110 chipset which debuted in the original Galaxy Watch in 2018 and continued until replaced by the Galaxy Watch 4 series which launched in 2018. Some reason, maybe because Samsung wouldn’t allow Google to use its new Exynos W920 chipset or it wasn’t possible to develop a Tensor Wear processor in time, the Exynos 9110 chip would power the Pixel Watch. .

When Google and Samsung decided to merge Wear OS and Tizen OS, Qualcomm didn’t seem to have been included in the discussion, which is why devices powered by the Snapdragon Wear 4100 platform are still awaiting news on when they will be. updated to the unified system. Wear OS 3.0 platform.

After waiting so many years for Google to follow up on the Pixel Watch, it would be a travesty if The 9to5Google report is confirmed to be accurate, which seems likely, because could there be anything more Google than using a 4-year-old chip in a highly anticipated product?

I hope the report is off base for once, but I have a sinking feeling about the Pixel Watch. Seriously Google, I’d wait another year if that meant the Pixel Watch would be powered by a modern chipset.

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