DeSantis Asks Students To Remove Masks At Tampa News Event | NewsRadio WFLA

TAMPA — Governor DeSantis told several high school students they shouldn’t wear masks, just before his news event in Tampa on Wednesday.

The governor was in town to award a $20 million grant to promote cybersecurity education in Florida. The money would go through the Florida Center for Cybersecurity to promote cybersecurity skills.

News Channel 8 captured audio of DeSantis as he took the stage. Cameras showed several young adults standing on the riser wearing masks. DeSantis said, “You don’t have to wear these masks, I mean, please take them off.” A few laughs could be heard, after which the governor said “Honestly, it’s ok, and we have to stop with this COVID theater. So if you want to wear it, fine, but it’s ridiculous.”

DeSantis also called out federal government and blue state politicians who only recently removed COVID restrictions, as well as school districts in some areas outside of Florida who continue to require masks for students. He said midterm elections forced politicians to change the rules, but voters would have to elect different representatives to ensure they weren’t changed. He claimed these politicians were now trying to pretend they never supported such restrictions.

“(Dr. Anthony) Fauci is now in the witness protection program,” DeSantis said.

Corrected to show students were from a local high school.

Photo: Getty Images