During a live news broadcast, a BBC reporter wore shorts and a suit

In a bid to stay cool as Britain faces sweltering weather, a veteran BBC journalist was seen on camera during a live news broadcast wearing shorts with his suit jacket and shirt .

BBC Northern Ireland political editor Enda McClafferty wore a dapper blue suit jacket, shirt and tie, but his audience didn’t know he was wearing chino shorts when he wasn’t in the picture.

The UK province has seen high temperatures of 20C this week and the Met Office has issued a warning that today’s high could reach official heat wave thresholds.

Footage of Mr McClafferty on TV wearing a suit jacket and shirt has been uploaded by an enthusiastic local.

Then the owner rushed outside and saw the reporter standing right in front of him just down the street.

Too hot for the full outfit, the fat guy is wearing shorts, the brief video description says.

The video has since received thousands of shares on Twitter and Instagram and tens of thousands of views on each.

Social media users couldn’t help but laugh when one posted, “I agree with @endamclafferty #ElScorchio”, mocking a Fast Show joke about international weather reports.

Another said: “Too correct. These people who work from home have gotten away with wearing a shirt, tie and pajamas together for more than two years. It’s time to do some accounting.

After the event, Mr. McClafferty acknowledged that a lesson had been learned.

He admitted on BBC Northern Ireland’s Good Morning Ulster program that his secret was now public knowledge.

Last week was pretty hot, so I figured I could get away with wearing a suit on the top and shorts on the bottom.

I had no idea a nearby resident with keen eyesight and a camera phone had rushed outside, snapped a picture of the TV, then quickly panned outside and captured me standing in my chino shorts. Discovery lesson.

Under the desk last summer, BBC presenter Shaun Ley read a somber report while donning shorts and deck shoes.

He explained Covid travel policies and the unrest in the Middle East with a serious expression on his face.

However, one Twitter user poked fun at Shaun Ley asking, “Does he keep cool wearing shorts?”

“And if so, were viewers meant to learn?”

When guests turned to him to discuss the important topics of the day, they seemed to hold back laughter as they read the newspapers.