DVIDS – News – Stables event links history to horses

Families tested their knowledge of the role of horses in history, made paper wagons, watched a live farrier demonstration and listened to horse-themed stories at the Frontier’s History with Horses event Army Museum on October 14 at the stables at Fort Leavenworth.

FAM Museum Technician Megan Hunter said when museum staff recently visited the stables to help better understand the horses’ connections to Fort Leavenworth’s history, they were inspired to coordinate an event with the stables. .

“We wanted to know more about horses because we talk about them so much at the museum with the dragons and the cavalry. Fort Leavenworth, being the gateway to the west… it’s all about the horses. All the buildings around here have been stables at one time. Gruber Gym, next to the museum, was a riding school,” Hunter said, referring to the history of the horses on duty. “We just wanted to make that connection.”

Hunter said the connection between the horses and the history of the post is important.

“I think (horses are) so deeply connected to Fort Leavenworth… (Fort Leavenworth was) established in 1827 to be a protector on the Santa Fe Trail, which was nothing but horse-drawn wagons and mules , and because we have this rich history , that explains why we are cemented where we are. It also plays into the longevity of the position and some of the historical aspects that we have here.

Hunter gave examples including the role of horses in the First World War and the School of Cavalry in post. She said the military’s love of horses has persisted, as several service members still ride horses with the stables at Fort Leavenworth.

Jackie Williams, FFAM president for education and events, said History with Horses offers educational programs for adults and children.

“Incorporating another part of the garrison in addition to the footprint of the museum and the historic homes just comes down to the fact that the whole (the facility) is historic,” Williams said. “It’s not just one or two buildings, it’s the whole place. It’s not just one or two artifacts in a museum or building, it’s (everything).

Natural Farrier Tammy Hane and other local horse owners took the opportunity to teach families about horse care.

A farrier is someone who specializes in equine hoof care, including shoeing, and a natural farrier is someone who trims and trims the hooves of horses without horseshoes. Hane demonstrated his services to show people why natural hooves make for healthy horses.

“Hoof care is not just about healthy hooves. It’s not just hoof care, it’s actually horse care,” Hane said.

The Horse Story also aimed to raise awareness of stable boarding opportunities, create a network for the equine community and introduce horse-loving children to animals.

Mary Grimes said her family heard about the event through a homeschool group and visited the stables on an educational outing.

“(Horses) are part of Leavenworth’s history, which makes it a unique position because not all facilities have that,” Grimes said.

Hunter said the success of this event could trigger an additional event in the spring.

For more information on stables, visit https://leavenworth.armymwr.com/programs/stables-and-horses.

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