Firmware news: Google releases Android 13 Beta 2.1, OnePlus Nord and more

Android phones are constantly being improved with new features and security updates, and Android users always want to be the first to experience the benefits of the latest improvements. Every week the OEM industry witnesses a new battle, and the one we fought recently was no different. Here are some Android firmware updates that were announced recently.

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Pixel devices


OnePlus Nord 2


Folding Xiaomi Mi Mix


Google releases Android 13 Beta Build 2.1 for Pixel devices

As several Google Pixel devices prepare for the launch of Android 13 beta versions, we already know that the new Android 13 variant is knocking at the door.

In case you didn’t already know, Google released a new update to the existing Android 13 beta. Remember the issues that plagued Pixel devices immediately after the Android 13 public beta update ended? Well, version 2.1 aims to fix these issues.

Check out Google’s release notes to better understand the update:

  • The new update fixed the issue where typing in the search bar would often result in an empty list of suggestions.
  • The new firmware addresses the issue where devices freeze and eventually restart on their own every time an attempt is made to activate the hotspot.
  • Fixed an issue where users were getting continuous call dial sound even when the person was on the phone.
  • The update fixes an issue where devices would crash and eventually restart even after disconnecting the Android Auto utility.

Get Beta

If you’re running Android 13 Beta, the update will automatically appear through the device’s OTA notification. However, device owners who are still on the Android 12 QPR Beta program must register their enrollment interest.

Keep in mind that once you decide to sign up, there is no possibility of going back to the public stable version without clearing the data. Be sure to decide wisely.


OnePlus Nord 2 gets stable Android 12

OnePlus Nord 2

A long wait is finally over as Android 12 is live for Nord 2 devices. While OnePlus’ budget smartphone has been toying with a number of beta versions recently, the stable version launch really comes as no surprise. However, the same is indeed exciting news for owners.

As usual, the rollout started from the Indian market and is staged. Speaking of firmware, specifically, it has DN2101_11.C.04 as its build number. Bagging the Android 12 goodies, the new update also boosts the security of the device to that of May 2022.


MIUI 13 closed beta update is rolling out for Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold

Hello Xiaomi Mi Mix users, the month of May is ending with a bang, isn’t it?

The new Android 12 based update is live for Xiaomi Mi Mix, and it brings a whole new experience. From a reworked desktop layout to the brilliant set of optimizations for dual-screen desktop mode, the new firmware is a treat.

Not just the looks, the latest firmware also guarantees performance upgrades. No painful multitasking as the scenes with him have also been significantly improved. Home to new-age parallel windows and free-form window options, usability is already set to reach new levels.

Apart from all this, the update brings a new three-finger gesture. This can help enable split screen seamlessly. All in all, a real efficiency enhancer. Other entities like Control Center and even the system have received considerable upgrades. Go through the full changelog list for a better understanding.

Here is the full changelog. Watch carefully to understand the update:

System updates

  • Added the awesome display layout adjustment function. One for the in-app screen.
  • The update added classic flexible on-screen navigation keys. It will help to support center/left/right display.
  • After the update, the issue related to noise that could occur when trying to record audio is resolved.

Status bar updates

  • Support for swiping up and down in the empty area on the side of the notification bar is now active.

Desktop Updates

  • The internal screen or desktop layout is now completely new. Along with that, the dual-screen desktop is now much more efficient.
  • The new firmware added support for the on-screen taskbar for viewing recent tasks.

Theme updates

  • Added a folding screen, the well-known exclusive theme.
  • The update optimizes the process of using fonts.

Gallery Updates

  • The new update optimizes the display effect of the main pages of the device.
  • Added new map album entry.

File manager updates

  • The new firmware added left and right column layouts on the device’s internal screen. It thus helps to make navigation on the big screen more efficient.
  • Optimizes the global grouping method of recent page files.
  • Added promising ability to hide desired images in recent pages.
  • The update added the new mobile page classification entry editing feature.

Recorder Updates

  • The update optimizes the structure and layout of the page.
  • After the update, the display effect of the main pages is well optimized
  • Optimize recording title display and renaming logic.
  • Added one-click copy function to convert text.
  • Added registration mark serial number display.

Calendar updates

  • Added new calendar subscription service.
  • Optimized the overall page structure and layout.
  • The update has optimized the display effect of the main pages.

Recent task updates

  • Optimize the shape of the recent task card. No runtime issues in small window split screen.

Clock updates

  • Optimized the overall clock view layout.

Calculator Updates

  • Optimize computer keyboard key design.
  • Optimize the tax credit feature and merge it into the conversion page.
  • Added convert keyboard calculation function.
  • Optimize history storage logic.

Lock screen updates

  • When the internal screen is unlocked, the function of manually entering the password is added.

Free Window Updates

  • Added sidebar global hotkey function.
  • Added support for opening two small windows at the same time.
  • Added three-finger horizontal swipe to quickly access split screen.
  • Added support for adding desktop split screen combination icons to the desktop taskbar.
  • Added desktop support to open split screen suit with one click.

Control Center Updates

  • Added support for swiping left and right between Control Center and Notification Center.
  • New control center interface layout revision.
  • Remove the classic Control Center style.

Updated Notes

  • Added widescreen layout settings to support switching between column and tile modes.

Entrance updates

  • Added a separate keyboard form.
  • Added GV dual keyboard shape.
  • Added 9-key dual-column keyboard shape, supporting left and right switching.

Small widget updates

  • Added sidebar global hotkey function.
  • The widget function has a new look; new widgets can be added to negative screen and desktop and support drag and drop from each other.
  • Added Widget Center to provide rich widget resources “Pinch the desktop with two fingers to enter.”
  • Added system app widgets like clock, weather, photo album, etc.
  • Cards in the negative screen support free sorting by drag and drop.

Additional News

  • Realme recently announced the release of the Realme UI 3.0 Early Access Program for Realme 9i devices. The company also highlighted the open beta for 8i.

A quick overview

  • Google releases Android 13 Beta Build 2.1 for Pixel devices
  • OnePlus Nord 2 gets stable Android 12
  • MIUI 13 closed beta update is rolling out for Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold


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