Fox’s ‘straight news’ warns IRS ‘praetorian guard’ will ‘literally’ direct its firepower at middle class people

RAYMOND ARROYO (FOX NEWS COLLABORATOR): When you look at taxpayers, Harris, only 1.8% of taxpayers are in that top bracket and earn more than $400,000. This means the IRS has no choice but to target the remaining 98% of taxpayers. And that’s where their firepower – and I mean literally – is going to be trained. What people don’t realize is that there is a criminal division of the IRS. If you run into them, OK, there’s something called the Criminal Investigations Division. A 2017 GOA report – it’s a Government Accounting Office report – found that they had in their possession, the IRS, 5 million cartridges and over 5,000 guns. They just made another purchase this year. They spent $700,000 to buy more ammunition. My question is simply, why?

HARRIS FAULKNER (ANCHOR): When you say ammunition, what do you mean?

ARROYO: I mean ammunition, I mean guns. I mean armed officers.

FAULKNER: Wait a minute, isn’t that a metaphor? You say the IRS Criminal Division, based on this 2017 GAO report, has 500 million cartridges.

ARROYO: In stock, and they just bought more.

FAULKNER: Why on earth would the IRS need that?

ARROYO: They were training for law enforcement, or so one would think if you examine it in depth.

FAULKNER: It’s an army!

ARROYO: Yeah, it’s a Praetorian Guard that will be let loose again. Joe Biden said he would grow the middle class, Harris, and unite the country. Instead, you have a government targeting the citizens and now arming this praetorian guard to come out and grab all the money they can by any means necessary.