Gmail News: Google begins rolling out “Material You” redesign for Gmail

Google has begun rolling out Gmail’s “Material You” redesign globally to the web. The redesign was first announced last month.

The tech giant also teased users about the tablet redesign, which will arrive later this year. Google has teased several new features with an updated built-in view and quick access to apps like Meet and Chat for Gmail since 2021.

The redesign of “Material You” with new shades for reading emails and all panels will be rolling out to everyone globally. Gmail users who have the Chat app enabled will get the integrated view, which features Mail, Spaces, Chat, and Meet icons on the side of the panel.

The new redesign of “Material You” comes with a filter button that has search options like “unread”, “has an attachment” and more for the inbox.

Previously, users had to enter relevant keywords in the search box to locate an email and scroll through the results to find it. But this new update will make it much easier to find emails in your inbox.


If you don’t like the new redesign, you can go back to the old Gmail interface by going to the quick settings menu and making changes.

Google has also revamped Gmail’s interface for each user that brings Meet, Chat, video calls and Spaces closer together as part of the overall experience. Later this year, users will see improvements to Gmail for tablet users, better emoji support, and more accessibility features.