Good news! Google launches animation, character and color customizations on Android

New Delhi: American technology giant Google has released a Unicode version 15.0 which includes 31 new emoji characters, animations and color customization for the Android operating system. 15 new Unicode emojis are 31 in number and include animal gems like black bird, donkey, moose, goose or jellyfish as well as the much requested pink heart plus new colors of heart.Also read – A precedent? EU’s top court ‘largely upholds’ over $4 billion antitrust fine on Google

With that, the total number of emoji rose to 3,664. Google, in a post on the Google Developers Blog, says these characters will be coming to Android soon and will be available on Google products early next year. Also Read – Google Plans to Produce Pixel Phones in India Amid US-China Tensions: Report

“Whether you’re a developer, designer, or just an internet citizen, Noto Emoji has something for everyone and we love seeing what you do with it,” the company wrote in a blog post. Also Read – YouTube Brings New Features to Enhance Platform Experience in Educational Environments

Google also offers the option to change the color of emoji using emoji cooking.

Google launches animated emojis

The company has also launched animated emojis on Android through phone carrier KDDI. Now users will be able to download these “dance emotes”. It is important to note that the user can download it in any format. Google says some of these animated emojis are already available in Google Messages.

The company has also included new color font support for emojis. “Thanks to a new font format called COLRv1, color fonts – such as Noto Color emoji – can be rendered with the crispness we expect from digital imagery,” Google explains in a blog post.