Good news Google TV users Tech Giant is rolling out new features to improve user experience Check Details

Delhi: In the fast-paced world of digital technology, things that dab too much aren’t a nice sight. Sometimes it gets on our nerves when our smartphones, laptops, TVs or any other devices are not working properly. Likewise, Google TV users have faced some issues and the tech giant has finally rolled out the latest features for better user experience. Google has admitted that its TV software is slow for users and after hearing their feedback, the company is rolling out major updates to improve performance and manage storage on Chromecast with Google TV and other smart TVs.Also Read – Latest Job Cuts Update: More New VR Jobs at Meta, Google as They Freeze Hiring

There are currently 10,000 apps available on Google TV. In a statement from Google, as published by IANS, it said: “We’ve also made under-the-hood changes to how Google TV handles app installs so fewer users see storage-related errors. when they try to install a new app. ”


  • They’ve reduced the time it takes for the Google TV home screen to load on startup through CPU optimizations and cache management improvements so users can start browsing shows and movies faster.
  • Improved navigation so that scrolling within a tab and switching between tabs is more responsive.
  • Google has also made image caching optimizations that will reduce the time it takes to switch to child profiles and start browsing content.
  • With the improved version of the technologies used, the Live tab will also load faster, so users will now see less loading animation when switching between tabs. Google TV now uses less RAM.
  • The tech giant has eliminated the latency between loading a child’s profile and starting an app.
  • A “Free up storage space” menu in Settings will now allow users to easily clear cache and uninstall apps they don’t use, maximizing device storage space. This feature has already rolled out to Chromecast with Google TV and is part of an upcoming system update for smart TVs with Google TV.

With the new features in place, Google TV experiences will now be much better and smoother according to the tech giant. These updates will be available on all devices over time, said Google, which launched TV nearly two years ago.