Google Helpful Content Update Live, Search Console News, Automatic Google Ads Local Campaign Updates

Google began rolling out the Helpful Content Update on Thursday, August 25. Many SEOs say they are not concerned about this update. Google also appeared to release some sort of update on August 24. The Google Search Console Video Indexing Report is now available to everyone. Google said it would deprecate the international targeting report on September 22. Google has updated the basic Web Vitals report to show URL-level data, such as URLs. Google’s API was not affected by the Search Console indexing tag bug. Google said the Quality Rater Guidelines are not a collection of ranking tips. Google said not to index pages with reviews, but rather make sure the reviews are of high quality. Google has added content guidelines for education Q&A structured data. Google has added a “View All Business Profiles” link in web search. Google Discover now lets you hide content from a specific author. Google Ads automatically updates some local campaigns to use max performance. Google Ads is not planning new ad customizers using responsive search ad placements. Google is testing a new user experience for local service ads. Additionally, Google Local Service Ads tests exclusion zones. Google Maps now notifies users when their reviews are not published. And if you want to help sponsor these vlogs, go to This was the news for search this week in Jerusalem during the roundtable on search engines.

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