google news: Google Drive is rolling out a new widget layout for Android tablets. Discover new shortcuts

Since the release of Android 12L, Google has started to pay special attention to Android tablets and smartphones with larger screens.

So, recently, the tech company launched a slew of new Android features, including an update to the Google Drive widget for many Android tablets. Google has started rolling out the updated Google Keep widget which has changed from a sidebar to a bottom bar. However, the dual pane view is not yet widely deployed.

The tech giant frequently updates “Drive quick actions” for Docs, Sheets and Slides with shortcuts to quickly open a new document. The new update joins the list of other crucial features rolled out by Google to help users quickly open Drive, download, search and launch the camera.

The new update will make the Google Drive widget appear in a circle, which is a new look for Material You widgets. The new Google Drive circular widget layout will be available with version 2.22.357.1 on Android tablets.

The shortcuts launched by Google in this update will be available at the bottom of the creation card and will be laid out in a 3×2 configuration.

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Meanwhile, the company previously said it had recently introduced a new look and updated Google Workspace apps for larger screens and is now continuing to optimize users’ favorite Google apps on tablets for make multitasking easier, starting with redesigned widgets for Google. Drive and keep.

“With an updated Google Drive widget, three home screen buttons now provide direct access to your Google Docs, Google Slides, and Google Sheets files,” the company said.

“And in Google Keep, a larger widget and font size make it easier to access note-taking, to-do lists, and reminders,” he added.

To bring people closer, the company also said it is also adding new shared experiences in Google Meet. “With live sharing features, you can instantly co-watch YouTube videos and play classic games with up to 100 friends and family at once,” the company said.

“So even if you’re far away, you can maintain traditions like a movie theater and game nights. This feature is rolling out to Android phones and tablets,” he added.