Google Temporarily Disables Google Maps Live Traffic Data in Ukraine

Alphabet Inc’s Google confirmed on Sunday that it has temporarily disabled certain Google Maps tools for Ukraine that provide live information on traffic conditions and traffic in different locations.

The company said it has taken steps to globally disable the Google Maps traffic layer and live traffic information for places like shops and restaurants in Ukraine for the safety of local communities in the country. , after consulting sources such as regional authorities.

Ukraine is facing attacks from Russian forces that invaded the country on Thursday. As the missiles fell on Ukrainian cities, nearly 400,000 civilians, mostly women and children, fled to neighboring countries.

Russia calls its actions in Ukraine a “special operation”.

Big tech companies, including Google, said they were taking further steps to protect the safety of users in the region.

Online services and social media sites have also been exploited by researchers aggregating activities around the war.

A professor at California’s Middlebury Institute of International Studies says Google Maps helped him track a ‘traffic jam’ that was actually Russian movement towards the border hours before Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the attack .

Google said live traffic information remains available to drivers using its turn-by-turn navigation features in the area.