Google will remove all Android call recording apps from the Play Store on May 11

Do you have call recording apps on your phone? Then this information is for you. According to Google’s most recent change in developer policies, all call recording apps will be banned. Therefore, all third-party apps in the Google Play Store will stop working from May 11. However, the pre-installed recording feature on some phones will not be affected by this change.

According to a Publish on the Google Play Console support website, due to a change in the Accessibility API policy, which is used to provide call recording functionality, Google will ban all apps from call recording on google play store. For privacy and security reasons, this is done. It is important to keep in mind that call recording laws differ significantly from country to country. In India, for example, call recording is not allowed.

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According to policy changethe accessibility UPI can no longer be used for:

  • change user settings without permission or prevent users from disabling or uninstalling an app or service, unless authorized by a parent or guardian through a parental control app or authorized administrators through software business management;
  • Bypassing Android’s built-in privacy controls and notifications; Where
  • Modify or exploit the user interface in a way that is deceptive or contrary to Google Play Developer Policies.

Additionally, the Accessibility API, which is designed to help users with disabilities on Android, cannot be used or requested for remote call audio recording. Use of the Accessibility API in the Google Play Store listing should be documented.

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Google has been working for a long time to remove call recording from Android. Notably, on Android 10, call recording is disabled by default.

As noted earlier, the policy change will have no impact on native call recording on pre-installed phones, and system apps can essentially get all the permissions they want, unlike third-party apps.

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We believe the decision to phase out call recording apps entirely for user privacy reasons is unwarranted because many people, including women, journalists and businesses, need call recording. calls. Therefore, deleting such apps forces users to download apps from unknown sources.

As we approach the May 11 deadline, let us know what you think of this change and how you plan to record calls going forward in the comments section.

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