Google’s Diwali Surprise: Google’s Diwali Surprise will literally light up your screen! How to Join the Celebration

The festival of lights, Diwali, is fast approaching. The day-long festival is one of the most celebrated occasions in India, where people prepare for the season well in advance by decorating their homes with pretty lights, donning their traditional outfits and organizing meetings between friends and families.

Tech giant, Google, is also down with festive fever as the search engine delivered its first Diwali surprise in India.

As the Diwali countdown began, Google took to Twitter to share the giveaway with everyone. The tech giant wants its users in India to search for the word “Diwali” in a text box on its search page for the surprise.

“Just here to say look for Diwali for a surprise,” Google wrote on Twitter with the words “look for Diwali for a surprise” surrounded by earthen lamps (diyas).

When you type “Diwali” in the search field and hit the enter button, the normal Google search results page is displayed with an earthen lamp (diya) appearing as the first result.

When you click on the diya, several earthen lamps illuminate your search page. Even the cursor appears on the computer screen as a diya. The lamps remain on the screen even when you scroll down the page.

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If you want to remove the lamps from your Google page, click on the “X” symbol placed at the top right of the screen.

Steps to brighten your screen:

  • To receive Diwali surprise from Google, open the search engine browser.
  • Type ‘Diwali’ in the search field and press enter
  • You can also search with another keyword, ‘Diwali 2022’
  • The results page will open with Diwali with a diya appearing at the top of the search
  • Now click on diya
  • Multiple lamps will now illuminate your screen
  • Your cursor will also appear as a diya