Gulf News Web3 DeCode event focuses on the future of the internet

If you’ve spent any time in the tech industry lately, you’ve probably heard the good news about Web3, the next chapter in internet history. The so-called Web 2.0 era, which was dominated by a handful of social media platforms, is over.

The new blockchain-based web with its cryptocurrencies, NFTs (non-fungible tokens), decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), decentralized finance (DeFi) and more is set to be the future of the internet.

To raise awareness of Web3 technology, its rise in emerging markets like the United Arab Emirates, and its impact on innovation and life as we know it, Gulf News is hosting Web3 DeCode, a two-day expo on June 25-26 at the Grand Hyatt.

Created and conceptualized by agnc3 by Gulf News, Web3 DeCode hosts more Metaverse builders, creators and artists. Along with an impressive lineup of speakers, the event will feature a wide range of NFT experiences, speaker booths, and dive deep into some of the biggest issues and opportunities in the Web3 ecosystem.

Participants can benefit from exclusive NFT drops, upcoming metaverse projects, and concepts that are here to stay.

GN launches into NFTs

As the digital world continues to evolve, Gulf News is making a foray into Web3 by launching its own NFTs at the event, which will include digitized versions of its historic front pages, iconic photos and covers, published in the log.

What to expect at the event

Exclusive NFT Drops

Meet artists at Web3 DeCode who will present exclusive NFT collections in dedicated dark rooms and themed activations. The popular NFT Arts Dao community will bring in top artists to interact with the public and further grow their collection.

BEATMYTEAM Metaverse Fantasy League Pre-Launch

As the first football fantasy league of its kind, this metaverse play-to-win game presents a collector’s edition of NFT to football fans and offers a chance to win big. Join us at the pre-launch event and meet the team planning to create the game’s story in Web3.

Launch of the DAS NFT Museum Marketplace

Currently, the trend of NFTs in the metaverse is pixel art or low quality profile pictures. Decentralized Art Story (DAS), on the other hand, delivers ultra-high definition (UHD) art masterpieces of the past and present in NFT form. Backed by patents, DAS offers two business models, high-quality artwork from 8K to 40K, and the ability to experience those artworks. It will also promote the NFT rental model, which will be a game changer for the NFT world where unsold inventory is an issue.

Startup competition

The most promising entrepreneurial projects in the Web3 space will win big by entering the event’s start-up competition held on both days of the show. This is a great networking opportunity for startups to exhibit and participate in the competition.

In-depth seminars

Over the two days of the expo, a series of seminars at the event will focus on blockchain, crypto, NFTs, metaverse, web3 ecosystems and their impact on commerce, culture and communities. Attendees can learn about emerging blockchain and cryptocurrency trends directly from some of the industry’s most prominent leaders.

Gulf News Web3 Rewards

The two-day event will conclude with a gala dinner and the region’s first Web3 Awards, which aim to recognize projects in categories including technology, games, art and other related industries. This is a great opportunity for everyone to submit entries and make history, as each winner also receives the NFT mark of the winning prize.

What they say

Renata Morrais

“I am very pleased to work with Gulf News to bring together a strong roster of Web3 leaders, who together represent all the multiple dimensions of real-world applications of blockchain technologies and how they are revolutionizing far more than our financial systems. Web3 is disrupting the boundaries of digital culture with NFTs, accelerating economic inclusion and social impact, and shaping entirely new types of social organizations such as DAOs. Web3 Decode brings together all these diverse new developments and makes them available to a mainstream audience.

– Renata Morrais – Associate Professor of Multimedia Design, Dubai Institute of Design & Innovation

Ola Lind

“We are delighted and look forward to the strategic partnership with Gulf News. His foresight in educating the public on the Web3, including NFTs and the metaverse, is remarkable. The exhibition will showcase the essentials of Web3, deciphering NFT and the Metaverse, showcase NFT art, recognized NFT projects, and the lived Metaverse.

– Ola Lind – CEO and Managing Director, FTFT Capital

Chimera Cisse

“I am honored to be able to bring my knowledge of the international art world and the Web3 space to the setting up of this event. Fostering cultural participation across an array of media is one of our main goals at ArtKorero and Gulf News has been an incredible partner throughout the process of creating the first Web3 Awards. We are eagerly awaiting the launch.

– Chimere Cissé – Founder, Art Korero

Sharad Agarwal

“We are delighted to partner with Gulf News to promote Web3 DeCode in Dubai. The metaverse is an open ecosystem where physical, digital and virtual realities merge into a single universe. As the world enters Web3, the emerging metaverse will challenge the way businesses currently operate and it’s time for brands to reinvent their marketing strategies. At Cyber ​​Gear, we create immersive experiences and help brands explore various activation opportunities to engage with wider audiences.

– Sharad Agarwal – CEO, Cyber ​​Gear

Roushabh Rungta

“At Sprout, we are delighted to be a strategic partner of Gulf News, which is one of the leaders in consumer education on Web3, which Sprout believes will be the next evolution in consumer technology. The upcoming exhibition will be a great opportunity for people to get hands-on experience with Web3, NFT and Metaverse technologies.

– Rushabh Rungta – Co-Founder, Sprout

Eric Favre

“The world is changing and business is changing. Building on the entrepreneurial experience of its founder, Eric Favre Art Edition has decided to participate in the Gulf News Web3 DeCode in order to launch its platform under construction with artworks unique in the world and to present a preview of the Rolls Royce R6WHEELS as the central piece of the show – the world of yesterday brought to the page of the digital world, with NFT, metaverse, crypto and physical art.

– Eric Favre – Founder, Eric Favre Collection

Christophe Quet

“Nowadays, Web3, Blockchain, Metaverse and NFT related trends are taking the mainstream by storm and are no longer limited to niche audiences. Leveraging Gulf News’ reach in the Middle East, we look forward to showcasing our developments and unique approach to empowering one billion people through creativity and expression.

– Christopher Quet, Co-Founder and CEO, Our Verse

Ralf Glabischnig

“We are proud to welcome Gulf News to the Crypto Oasis ecosystem with its Web3 DeCode event. As one of the largest traditional media companies in the region moving into the decentralized world, it is paving the way for all others to follow.

– Ralf Glabischnig, founder of Crypto Oasis

Walid Abu Zaki

“Since 2018, Unlock has been the premier media platform in the region discussing blockchain technologies and cryptography. It is a privilege to work with Gulf News to raise awareness of Web3 and better understand the capabilities of blockchain.

– Walid Abou Zaki – Founder and CEO, Unlock

Michalis Mavromichalis

“We couldn’t be more excited and grateful to pre-launch Beat my Team at this year’s Gulf News event. Our play-to-earn fantasy football game awards limited-edition NFTs to players with refined vision, as we progress to the most competitive, blockchain-based, metaverse-ready football card battle game ever. never imagined.

– Michalis Mavromichalis – CEO and co-founder, Beat my Team

Park RJ

“A new world is being created with NFTs, the metaverse, and art. However, art has an inherent beauty within. We want this inherent beauty to touch viewers’ hearts more than the original through the NFT, metaverse, and art in this new world.

– RJ Park, CEO and COO, DAS

Kokila Alagh

“It is encouraging to see a media giant like Gulf News enter the blockchain space. What blockchain and its use cases need is massive awareness and adoption to realize their full potential.With Gulf News taking such an active initiative, residents of the UAE will benefit from the clarity of communication and the availability of industry information.

– Kokila Alagh, Founder and Managing Partner at Karm Advocates,

Paul Wallis

Collaborating with Gulf News on this groundbreaking event is a significant moment for Terra Virtua and we are honored to work with such an illustrious organization. The collaboration will create a fantastic opportunity to demystify NFTs, VR and the Metaverse, while providing a unique opportunity to showcase Gulf News artists and photographers.

– Paul Wallis – Artistic Manager, Terra Virtua