‘Hi Neve’: Prime Minister’s daughter Jacinda Ardern appears on news program

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern in Parliament last week.  She is now self-isolating after her partner Clarke Gayford tested positive for Covid on Sunday.


Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern in Parliament last week. She is now self-isolating after her partner Clarke Gayford tested positive for Covid on Sunday.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern was joined by her daughter Neve, 3, in a press interview, as she works from home in self-isolation.

Ardern is spending seven days with his family after his partner Clarke Gayford tested positive for Covid on Sunday, which also happened to be Mother’s Day.

While talking to A M about the need to keep people out of organized crime, there was a small noise that sounded like a small child.

Interviewer Melissa Chan-Green laughed and said, “There’s the old Zoom thing. Hi Neve.

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Ardern said: “I thought it was all covered… It just proves it doesn’t matter what you do.”

“I see why you made that blur context now,” Chan-Green said.

The interviewer then asked Ardern to explain the reference to “fish kisses” in a card Ardern received from his daughter Neve for Mother’s Day.


The Prime Minister told Breakfast on Monday morning that she had not caught Covid.

“You know when you see people putting their feet in water baths with little tiny fish.” Arden said.

The Prime Minister then made a noise that sounded like quick kisses, saying they were “on the cheek”.

At the time the map was displayed on the screen, we could not therefore see Ardern making noise.

When it was pointed out that she hadn’t been seen doing the kisses, Arden replied, “I don’t know if the rest of New Zealand needs to see me doing it.”

Ardern said she could work “quite well” from isolation.

“We have managed to reshape much of the work we do in Parliament to allow us to do it remotely.

“It means I can work remotely. Also, on a practical level, otherwise there is no one to take care of Clarke,” Ardern said.

Even though Gayford did his best to be “low impact,” he was a con artist, she said.

Ardern would only miss the Budget, which was due May 19, if she herself caught Covid and had to remain isolated. .

Budget day hung on Finance Minister Grant Robertson, Ardern said.

“The role of the Minister of Finance is extremely important. He directs the closed session, he directs the presentation of the Budget.

She really had a supporting role, much of which could be done remotely.

Ardern told RNZ that Gayford was “definitely a crook, but he’s fine”.

As for her, she had no symptoms.

“I’m fine… We’ll see how we do, but as long as we’re staggering so we can continue to be parents, we should be fine.”

For now, she was not worried about missing her next trip to the United States, Ardern said.

“The trip to the United States is in a few weeks, so I think we have some time to deal with whatever is happening to us.”