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Air Force Reserve Command’s Augmented Individual Mobilization Strategic Review Team has completed Phase II of its comprehensive review of the IMA program to ensure that the globally integrated IMA force aligns with the national defense strategy, Ministry of the Air Force, and Air Force Reserve strategic priorities, and that its 7,500 individual reservists receive appropriate administrative oversight and support . Phase III is in full swing.

The second phase of the review focused on three lines of effort: scope, structure and resources. On November 8, the Phase II team presented Lt. Gen. Richard Scobee, Commander of the AFRC and Chief of the Air Force Reserve, with four recommendations. He signed a Minutes of Decision on January 18, in which he authorized a transition to Phase III and endorsed the team’s recommendation for a formal strategic evaluation of the IMA program.

“I am truly energized by the hard work put in by members of the Phase I and Phase II teams and am excited to dive into Phase III,” said Major General Moe Banavige, the assistant to mobilization of the Air Force Materiel Command commander and team leader. “The formal strategic assessment approved by General Scobee will be conducted by Air Force Headquarters and Air Force Reserve Command personnel to determine the actions necessary to eliminate the Shared ADCON (administrative control) for our IMAs, which is one of our central goals for this project. Seeing it all together is truly fantastic and will bring a significant improvement to IMAs. It is an honor to lead this effort.

In addition to the two recommendations that were fully approved, two others were approved with modifications. These changes allow the team to prototype the bullpen structure and work with staff to bring the finished details to the shared ADCON elimination proposal as well as the structure needed for effective management and oversight. of the IMA program.

“The enclosure structure that we look forward to prototyping is an innovative human capital management concept that allows the active component to quickly and easily access the unique and talented skills that reside in our individual reserve portfolio,” said said Brig. Gen. Dave Smith, MA to the commander of the 9th Air Force and the chief of the line of effort structure. “We are also doing a thorough analysis of what kind of structure and oversight our IMAs need to serve more productively, relying less on the active component for administrative support. Our hope is to create a structure that ensures a better level of support for our Airmen and Guardians.

An off-site, in-person meeting was held February 16-17 in Alexandria, Virginia to officially launch Phase III. This event brought together members of the IMA Strategic Review Team as well as stakeholders from the Headquarters Readiness and Integration Organization directorates, Army Reserve Command Air and Air Force Reserve Headquarters.

“There was a significant amount of work done during the launch of Phase III,” said Colonel Chad Segura, RIO HQ Commander. “The administration of the IMA program is complicated, but everyone in the room had the same overarching goal: to make the IMA program more responsive to both the mission and to the IMAs themselves. The meeting was very productive and j look forward to working with the team as they explore ways to improve the overall program.

Following the relocation, work now begins for the newly formed integrated product teams who will focus on further developing the structures and processes needed to fully realize the four recommendations proposed in Phase II.

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