Migrating Calendar Reminders from Google will be quite simple

Recently uncovered by 9to5Google, Google decided it was going to remove Assistant-based reminders (as well as location-based reminders in Assistant) in favor of its Google Calendar-focused solution.

Use Tasks to get notified and track your tasks from anywhere in Google Workspace.


Now, it looks like the outlet has uncovered more depressing details via its latest APK Insights report. Keep in mind that while these don’t always guarantee a specific direction or app update, they’re usually quite accurate as they pull directly from code that Google has built into the app’s release. .

Apparently the move from Assistant to Calendar for Reminders will come at a cost for extensive integration in Google Keep, and there won’t be the ability to link locations to tasks to be reminded of once you enter an area geo-fenced.

Plus, and perhaps the least surprising thing about this whole ordeal, is that the move will be mandatory. Strings in app code for Calendar, version 2022.26.x say “Soon your reminders will be upgraded to tasks”, with the option to convert in-place. The latter indicates that the option to switch to the new system will exist, but the implication is that at a later date it will be done for you.

All forwarded reminders that previously had a location in the Assistant will now simply add that location to the description box. You know, because it’s so useful and a great automated way to remind you of something. I’m being facetious, of course, but my point remains – this migration is going to take away the appeal of reminders because, well, they’re not exactly reminders without those features, are they?

Ultimately, the move is to make Workspace easier as more users start paying Google for its services and run their businesses and schools from it. I have no doubt that at some point in the future location-based reminders and the like will be added, but I don’t see the same for the Google Keep integration. As it stands, Keep has never really been pushed by Google as a Workspace tool, even though it’s part of the Workspace bundle.