NBC launches daily news program starting in September

Newstalk 1130 WISN’s Jay Weber noted on his Wednesday morning show that the Milwaukee station is seeing an influx of younger listeners, according to the latest numbers from Nielsen.

While discussing Gutfeld on Fox News being the highest-rated “late” TV show, beating out Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon, Weber described a slight increase in younger, less traditional talk radio demographics.

“We here on WISN have been doing better with increasingly younger listeners recently, and during this last book, WISN was the top radio station across all demographics,” Weber said. “The so-called six-plus demo, which means six-plus – which is a silly measure – but it captures the 18-25 demo that historically talks about radio and stations like WISN don’t didn’t do so well with. But, for some reason, we even have these younger and younger listeners tuning in. It’s not just dad’s or grandpa’s radio station anymore.

“And I don’t know if it’s a broader trend in talk radio, or if it’s a lasting trend, but it stands to reason that if more young people d ‘Today comes straight out of the box as more fiscally and socially conservative people than previous generations, it stands to reason that would be reflected in the ratings and consumer profiles of stations like Fox News and WISN.

Gutfeld won the ratings battle in the 25-54 demographic, averaging 397,000 viewers to Stephen Colbert’s 373,000.

“People, Gutfeld leading Kimmel, Colbert, etc… with young people? It’s an interesting trend,” Weber said. “Their shows are a nocturnal dose of liberalism. Gutfeld’s show is a nocturnal dose of conservatism. And see who wins. Even with the younger demographics.