Stadia news: Google’s plan for the platform

Google’s Stadia cloud gaming service is heading in a new, more accessible direction. It just might be the platform’s saving grace if Google can convince enough gamers, developers, and third-party companies to join us.

During Tuesday Google Developer Summit for GamesAhead of next week’s Game Developers Conference, the company announced a series of initiatives designed to make Stadia easier for consumers to access, easier for developers to transfer games and easier for businesses to use. Google’s technology to create their own products and services.

The company’s consumer offering remains unchanged for now. But Google, confirming some details from an Insider report from earlier this year that it was focusing on a white-label enterprise offering, plans to launch “Immersive Stream for Games,” a new service that businesses can use to bring cloud streaming to customers. using Stadia technology.

We’ve seen it in action with AT&T’s Batman: Arkham Knight demo last fall, and now Google is moving forward to make it a true enterprise offering. AT&T plans to bring a second game to its mobile customers using Stadia later this year, in addition to free access to select Stadia titles on mobile for AT&T customers.

One of the other big changes coming to the consumer side of Stadia in the coming weeks will be the ability to play Stadia games and demos for free without having to sign in to a Stadia or Google account. “Players will be able to find Stadia games through Google Search and explore the library of completely free Stadia games or demos to try, Stadia Pro’s 50+ games, publisher sales, or the 100+ games launching on Stadia this year. “, said the company. noted.

Google is also opening up the ability to offer free Stadia demos to any publisher and plans to make it easier for game makers to transfer products built with Unreal Engine and Unity to Stadia.

“The core features we’re talking about today benefit both the development journey and the player experience for Immersive Stream for Games customers, including Stadia,” said Dov Zimring, new chief product officer of the platform. (Zimring replaced former product manager John Justice, who left last year for Meta.) “In partnership with Google Cloud, we’re working to develop the underlying cloud gaming technology that powers both Stadia and our customers’ offerings through Immersive Stream for Games.”