Sudbury News: Event supports Iranians protesting death of woman at hands of morality police

A protest planned for Saturday in Sudbury is tied to the situation in Iran, where a young woman died in custody after being arrested by that country’s vice squad.

She was accused of not wearing her hijab properly and the government says she died suddenly due to a medical condition.

But her family rejects this claim and says she was beaten to death. The protests have spread across Iran.

Iranian students at Laurentian University are now trying to let others know what exactly is happening to innocent people in the country.

They keep their names and faces secret out of concern for their families still living in Iran.

A man who moved to Sudbury in 2020 to study at Laurentian said he was worried about his family’s safety, especially after his brother was injured during a protest.

“He was on the sidewalk when the police motorbike passed him and they shot him (with) plastic bullets in his abdominals,” the man said.

He said it pained him to know how many women and girls were being abused every minute of the day.

“They kill girls and women every day,” he said.

“No man is allowed to even touch a woman’s hand or any part – it’s not allowed. But the police there catch girls – even little girls, 15-year-old girls, they force their vans, it’s completely against Islam.

A Laurentian professor from Iran supports the initiative. He is also worried about his family, friends and everyone who currently lives there.

“Some people are detained and you don’t know what will happen to them in the next few weeks after the protest is over,” Prof Kamran Eshghi said.

“They’ve killed so many people and you’re worried about every single one of them. At the moment they don’t have access to the internet…or other social media platforms. They’re all shut down.”

A protest will be held at Bell Park in Sudbury at 1:30 p.m. Organizers said everyone is welcome to join in and show their support.