The case of mistaken identity of “Mr. McAdams” in an Indian news program breaks the internet

A case of mistaken identity on an Indian news show gave us perhaps the biggest meme of 2022. On a show about the Ukraine crisis in which two panelists were called, we could see the presenter berating a Mr. McAdams regarding their country’s foreign policy. . The more the panelist tried to speak, the more the presenter interrupted him. In the end, it was found that the anchor was schooling the wrong McAdams all the time when the real one hadn’t even said a word. The gaffe happened because the wrong person was captioned “Daniel Mcadams” onscreen. Mr McAdams’ exasperated interjection: ‘I’m Mr McAdams and I haven’t said a word’, took over the internet and the hilarious clip was shared widely. Looked:

“The craziest 2 minutes of TV news ever, with opposing guests on the Ukrainian war hosted by Indian TV. The ending is a MUST watch.

This comedy of errors sparked a meme fest on Twitter, leading to the “McAdams” trend.

“Please address me as Mr McAdams from today!!!!! I’m being yelled at and doing nothing!!”

“My name is #mcadams and stop yelling at me.”

“Poor Mr McAdams while everyone was talking for the rest of the show.”

“I’m Mr. McAdams and I haven’t said a word” hugely qualifies to be a t-shirt quote.

“McAdams is out of control now.”

Mr. McAdams: “

“How to Identify McAdams.”

“I am Mr. McAdams.”

“My life is so McAdams, I really don’t know why I get dragged into trouble for no reason.”

After becoming a viral sensation, Daniel McAdams, a US foreign policy analyst, spoke to Clarion India. He called the fiasco a “comedy of errors.” He said the TV host thought he was the Ukrainian guy who was going ballistic. Since he couldn’t see the screen, only his camera, he was confused as to why the host kept addressing him when he wasn’t speaking at all. He added that although he was initially annoyed by the incident, he now finds it all hilarious.

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