The NY Times changed Monday Wordle’s response due to a “recent major news event”

The New York Times edited the Monday Solution wordle puzzle, citing strong ties to “a recent major event”. The Times published an article about the change in its games section, explaining why some wordle players may have a different solution than their friends, family, or co-workers.

The Times called today’s word of solution “entirely unintentional and a coincidence – today’s original response was uploaded in wordle Last year.”

[Ed. note: Spoilers for Wordle’s answer for Monday, May 9.]

Some wordle players received a puzzle on Monday with the word “fetus” as the answer. Others were given another five-letter word. But the word fetus is obviously and visibly part of a major current event, the possible undoing of Roe v. Wade, a legal precedent that, if overturned, would immediately make abortion illegal in more than 20 US states.

The New York Times Games team said Monday morning that “we take our role as a place of fun and escape seriously, and we want wordle to stay separate from the news.

“But because of the current wordle technology, it can be difficult to change words that have already been loaded into the game,” the team said. “When we found out last week that this particular word would be featured today, we changed it to as many solvers as possible.”

wordle players who have refreshed their browser window will not receive the outdated version (the fetus, that is), the Times said. The games team is also updating wordle to avoid a similar situation in the future.

“We want to emphasize that this is a very unusual circumstance,” the Times said. “When we acquired wordle in January, it had been built for a relatively small group of users. We are now busy rearranging wordle‘s so that everyone always receives the same word. We are committed to ensuring that tens of millions of people have a rewarding and consistent experience, every day.