Three Black Female Anchors Lead Texas Morning News Show

Texas Today anchors

Texas Today anchors
Photo: Screenshot

Every weekday morning, viewers at KCEN in Temple, TX, get plenty of black girl magic with their news. Since May 2ndTaheshah Moise, Jasmin Caldwell and Ashley Carter were the main anchors of the Texas today morning show, the first time in television history that three black women ran a local newscast. And in a interview on their show, the women talk about what this historic programming means to them.

Anchor Jasmin Caldwell says the new lineup is a big departure from how things were when she first arrived at the local NBC affiliate. “When I came to KCEN in 2017, we didn’t have African American anchors. It was completely different,” she says.

Texas Today meteorologist Ashley Carter knows that few black women do the weather. She knows she is able to inspire other young black girls who watch her predictions.

“It didn’t strike me as no one really looked like me, like the people I watched growing up,” she says. “It kind of added to the responsibility of, okay, I couldn’t see it growing up, and now the little girls in this area are going to see me when they wake up, and now it can become a reality.”

And while Carter knows there will be enemies, she wants viewers to know that she and her co-anchors got their jobs because of their talent and not based on a need to fill a quota.

“I think it’s important to know that when people watch us every morning, they’ll be able to see that each of us has earned our place on this team. I don’t think our news director has. I think he just realized that they’re all female and they’re all black, but hey, they’re the best for this show, and that’s what we’re going to do. she says.