UFC News: ‘Show your face’ – Jorge Masvidal challenges Colby Covington after apparently knocking tooth out in restaurant brawl

Jorge Masvidal has challenged Colby Covington to show his face after he knocked out his tooth in a recent altercation at a restaurant. The duo reportedly had a fight last night, less than three weeks after facing off in the main event of UFC 272 in a highly anticipated grudge match.

In a video posted to Twitter, Masvidal said:

“Call it the show your face challenge, you know? What up, I’m from Dade County. You say that shit, you gotta back it up. That’s how my town rolls man.”

Jorge Masvidal and Colby Covington trained together at the American Top Team (ATT) gym in Florida for many years. They even lived together for a short time. After Covington adopted his pro-wresting style persona and then publicly insulted the ATT members, his relationship with Masvidal soured.

At UFC 272, which took place earlier this month at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, the former teammates locked horns. Covington emerged victorious, winning by unanimous decision after hosting a wrestling masterclass.

Just 17 days after their fight, Masvidal and Covington apparently got into an altercation at the Papi Steak restaurant in Miami, Florida. Andy Slater from Fox Sportswho was first to report the news, also reported that the police had to be called.

SLATER SCOOP: UFC stars Colby Covington and Jorge Masvidal got into a fight moments ago at Papi Steak restaurant in Miami Beach. The police were called.

Masvidal manager Malki Kawa also took a dig at Covington after the brawl. Kawa wrote on Twitter:

“I hear someone who’s not from Miami is missing a tooth and says he’s the king of it. Can anyone confirm this? I need the video asap as possible.”

I hear someone who’s not from Miami is missing a tooth and says he’s the king of it. Can anyone confirm this? I need the video ASAP.

Jorge Masvidal wanted to smash Colby Covington’s jaw in a street fight after UFC 272 loss

At UFC 272 on March 5, Colby Covington put on a dominant display against Jorge Masvidal to earn a lopsided unanimous decision victory.

However, the beef between the welterweight duo is expected to continue after the fight. While Masvidal acknowledged Covington’s wrestling prowess, he was confident in his abilities in a street fight against “Chaos”.

During the UFC 272 post-fight press conference, Masvidal said:

“To lose to an ab**** like that, I mean all he does is talk about the kids, the religions, the nations of the people, obviously nobody wants to lose to a coward like that. I felt like I lost the wrestling exchanges. The fight, whatever. I know I did some damage. I think I let it down twice.”

He added:

“It just sucks…It just sucks because that idiot talked about my kids. He’s always someone that if I see him on the street, I’ll give him everything I have to smash his f*** jaw. No matter if I lost the fight tonight, I still think he’s f***** p****, you know?

Watch Jorge Masvidal weigh in on his loss to Colby Covington below:

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