Unique ways to help people support Ukraine Kids News Article

Russia launched an unprovoked attack on Ukraine on February 24, 2022. (Jernej Furman/CC-By-SA-2.0/Flickr)

Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, which began on February 24, 2022, shows no signs of ending. While the brave The Ukrainians have so far managed to prevent the Russian army from taking control of major cities like kyiv, Kharkiv and Mariupol, the war is gaining momentum TOLL on the Eastern European nation. Thousands of Residential buildings, cemeteries and even hospitals have been shaved by Russian airstrikes. More than two million Ukrainians have fled to neighboring countries, and as many as 4,000 soldiers and civilians are believed to have died.

Ukraine critical situation did not go unnoticed. Millions of people around the world are doing everything in their power to help locals. Some donate to various charities dedicated to the cause, while others find unique ways to help them directly.

Russian airstrikes leveled thousands of buildings in Ukraine. (Ukrainian State Emergency Service/ CC BY 4.0/ Wikimedia Commons)

One of the most innovative donation methods booked a rental in a Ukrainian city through Airbnb and let the owner know that the money is theirs. As of March 4, 2022, Internet users around the world have booked 61,000 nights, for a total of $2 million! With Airbnb waiving all booking fees, the entire amount went to the tenants of the property. The company also uses its network tenants in next to country to offer free short-term stays to 100,000 Ukrainians refugees.

Many people pre-pay ride-sharing apps like BlaBlaCar to help transport refugees. On March 1, 2022, the company’s CEO tweeted that the world community had booked rides to take 50,000 Ukrainians to neighboring countries like Poland, Romania and Hungary. Donors also use sites like Etsy and eBay to buy Ukrainian products that they don’t have intention receive.

The metro station in kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, has become an air-raid shelter since the start of the invasion. (Kmr.gov.ua./CC-BY-Sa-4.0 International/Wikipedia Commons)

Stanislav Sabanov created a special website to connect Ukrainian refugees in Georgia with landlords willing to accommodate them, doctors offering free consultations and others providing in-kind assistance. In Poland, a 700-member group called “Kejterski Patrol” helps Ukrainians fleeing with dogs by sheltering them and taking care of their pooches. The owner of Al’s Breakfast in Minnesota added Syrnik, a traditional Ukrainian cheese pancake, on its menu. All product from pancake sales are donated to Ukraine.

Stay strong, Ukraine

The world is with you!

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