Vivian Reddy and Sorisha Naidoo exonerated in fake article

From the post office :

Durban – The Daily Maverick has retracted and deleted a misleading article and apologized to Symbion Power LLC and its CEO, Paul Hinks, after publishing a false story claiming that the family of the businessman from Durban Vivian Reddy was part of a consortium that lost a case against Eskom.

In a letter published by the Daily Maverick on Sunday, the publication said its previous article dated and published on May 8 claiming that Reddy’s son had a relationship with Symbion and that they were being sued in US court was completely incorrect. and that the Daily Maverick apologizes for the errors.

“The article incorrectly stated that Symbion was being ‘sued’ in US court. Daily Maverick would like to clarify that this proceeding is a discovery request from a former business partner in the company’s power plant project in Madagascar, Zouzar Bouka, with whom Symbion has a dispute. It was in fact Symbion who “sued” Bouka in a New York arbitration.

“Most importantly, the article failed to reflect Symbion’s response affidavit to Bouka’s allegations, which was filed in court prior to the article’s publication.

“Further, we retract the statements and have determined that it is wholly incorrect to assert that Symbion was once associated with the family of Durban businessman Vivian Reddy and was part of a consortium that recently lost a case against Eskom. This was not the case, and Symbion was not associated with Reddy,” the statement read.

The Daily Maverick has published a new apology following the publication of false stories tarnishing the image of businessman Vivian Reddy and her family. Photo:

However, Reddy denied the publication saying the Daily Maverick continually threw his name and that of his family into the mud.

“They have an agenda against me, and I won’t tolerate their nonsense. This isn’t the first time they’ve published nonsensical stories dragging my family’s name around and claiming we’re involved in all sorts of things we we’re not even aware.

“This is the third apology we have received from this post, and we will not allow them to write fake news about us and apologize later. It shows their desperation to damage our reputation at all costs,” Reddy said.

Last year, Sorisha Naidoo, Reddy’s wife, complained to the Press Ombudsman: “In the article titled ‘Tarina Patel, Sorisha Naidoo and Nonkanyiso Conco – The Real Housewives of state capture,” the post intentionally misled and created an unwarranted negative message. the perception of her, unfairly and incorrectly associating her with state capture; and that the article made a derogatory remark about both her and her husband, Vivian Reddy (implying that she had married him for his money), and added that the report had damaged their reputations”.

The ombud came out in favor of Naidoo, saying the Daily Maverick had breached the press code and ordered her to apologize for “unfairly insinuating that she married Vivian Reddy for his money and for having unnecessarily tarnished his dignity and reputation in the process”.

Following the ruling, The Daily Maverick apologized to Naidoo for the involvement and for the harm caused.

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