Wordle #324 amended after “closely related” response to news event

The New York Times intervened to change the situation today wordle response after the five-letter word was deemed “closely related to a recent major news event”.

The original response from May 9 has been uploaded to wordle last year, said the newspaper, which acquired the game for a seven-figure sum from the game’s creator, Josh Wardle, in January.

“At the New York Times Games, we take our role as a place of entertainment and escape seriously, and we want wordle to stay separate from the news,” he said in a statement.

Spoiler alert: the answer for Monday, May 9 will be revealed in this article.

Photo of a woman playing Wordle. The NYT changed the answer originally loaded into the game for today to avoid controversy.

According to Timethe team working on the game realized last week that the answer to today’s question wordle had the potential to stir up controversy; however, the newspaper said “it can be difficult to change words that have already been loaded into the game”.

The answer originally loaded into the game for May 9 was “FETUS” – a word related to the potential reversal of Roe vs. Wade by the United States Supreme Court.

Still, players are unlikely to get that word. the wordle The answer has been changed to “SHINE” instead of “for as many solvers as possible”. Players who didn’t refresh their browser got the old response, while those who did saw the new one.

The incident has caused confusion, with Reddit users wondering why they got different responses from their friends or partners.

This isn’t the first time the game has proven to be a bit of a headache for the Time.

While the game is still played by millions of players, many have complained about the takeover, fearing that wordle would be put behind the newspaper’s paywall. But the Time reassured players that the game will remain free, at least “initially”, and so far has not announced any further lockdown plans wordle behind his paywall.

Another issue raised by users in tracking the Time‘ takeover was that wordleResponses would have become harsher and “more pretentious”, some said.

This turned out to be a misrepresentation, as the newspaper repeatedly said it hadn’t significantly changed the game. In fact, the Time says he kept most of the answers originally inserted by Wordle’s creator, and only removed a few that were too obscure.

In March, the Time removed the “harry” answer, as it felt the world was not sufficiently accessible to the general public. But again, like Monday’s case, some users still saw the old answer instead of the new one. Time had switched to “stove”, creating some confusion.

The newspaper also removed culturally insensitive or offensive words such as “slave”, “lynching” and “girl”.

Updated, 05/09/22 03:40 ET. This article has been updated to provide more context on the story.