Wordle had its response edited today to avoid a ‘recent news event’

Today’s Wordle response has been edited to prevent players from connecting to an ongoing “major news event”, The New York Times revealed in a statement. The prominent US newspaper said it wanted the viral pun to “keep separate from the news”. Maybe they should have thought of that before buying Wordle for a seven-figure sum in February?

The New York Times says it realized last week that the May 9 response might prove controversial and changed it to “as many solvers as possible.” Some Wordle fans will still see the unchanged answer if they haven’t refreshed their browser. The answer before the change was “fetus”, which was taken from the centralized list of future words prepared for Wordle.

This word was preloaded last year, the New York Times explains, and so any relationship to current issues is “entirely unintentional and coincidental.” “Fetus” could be interpreted as a reference to the raging debate over a leaked draft of the largely Republican United States Supreme Court’s decision in a case that could signal the reversal of Roe v. Wade in 1973, the foundation of abortion rights in the United States.

Other organizations move less lightly around the Roe v. Wade. Developers Double fine joined other industry companies in condemning the US Supreme Court’s seemingly upcoming decision to overturn the nearly 50-year-old ruling protecting the constitutional right to abortion. The statement follows a similar message from Bungie posted on their site last week.

Falcon Age Workshop Outer loop games and developer of The Long Dark Backcountry Studios also posted statements on Twitter in favor of upholding the Roe v. Wade. ArenaNet, the Washington-based developers of Guild Wars, tweeted“Your body. You’re right.”

Double Fine knows the issues of personal choice and supports those with health issues through their Psychonauts series. Andreas Inderwildi took a look at Psychonauts 2’s depiction of mental health after the game’s release last year and said, “Psychonauts 2 turns the mind into a strange and dangerous place, but ultimately understandable and curable. Our goal is always to discover and understand, to make connections and to pick up the pieces.

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